General Wade’s Road and Daviot 5k trail

‘You’re moving to Inverness? There’s not much to do there…’ was a statement I heard a couple of times prior to our move from Glasgow in 2016. Oh how wrong they were. If you are a keen explorer and enjoy being active in the outdoors then the Highlands is your playground. Whether walking, running, cycling or skiing, there is a route out there close by that is guaranteed to satisfy you.

On a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon in May, we wanted to find a walk (with potential for a run) that had decent views and a varied trail.

We set off from our home in Inshes (anyone further away can easily park a car in Inshes Park) and headed towards the fairly hidden Old Edinburgh Road just off Stevenson Road, a gradual ascent to stunning views of the area surrounding Inverness and over the Moray Firth.

The top of this hill has a path leading to Daviot woods. This was a great find for us, as keen runners who wanted to find trail paths to get away from the knee pounding roads.

Daviot woods is a perfect circular 5k route for dog walkers, wanderers and runners alike, with kilometre markers to help you with pacing. It also has a car park for those needing to stretch their legs after a trip up the A9.

We ambled round this sunny path and came almost full circle before cutting down towards Castleton Village on a track that gave stunning views over the Firth and Black Isle to hills that reminded me of Australia’s Blue Mountains. Only on a rare, blue sky kind of day will you see views stretching this far.

Walking through Castleton Village will make you feel like you have landed in to a scene from Shrek 5 (yes there is going to be a 5…) with fairytale turrets on each of the houses.

From here you can meander through the suburbs of Milton of Leys and back to Inshes to complete a 9 mile circuit.

A word of warning though – if it’s sunny in Scotland and you plan on making the most of it outdoors – remember the wise words from our old friend Baz Lurhmann – ‘Always wear sunscreen‘.

Lessons were learned.


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