Glamping by the Tay

Despite being a fairly outdoorsy person there is one thing in life I like to avoid as far as possible: Camping.

Tents that are either freezing cold or boiling hot; trying to pack that tent into a bag that will never fit the same way again; squatting in the woods; gas stoves blowing out in the howling gale….. the list goes on. Basically? I don’t like camping.

A solution to all of these problems is Loch Tay lodges, situated in Perthshire in the Central Highlands. This is a campsite with a difference, where all your home comforts are catered for and you do not need to pack your own trowel.

I was spending the weekend here on my cousin’s hen do. Since I’m not the kind of gal who really enjoys doing shots and clubbing the night away, an active weekend in the country was right up my street.

On Saturday morning, my sister Gemma and I road tripped our way from Inverness to the Killin Hotel to meet our 12 fellow hens. From here we were going Canadian canoeing on Loch Tay.


Following an extensive safety brief and instructions on how not to not fall in, we were good to go.

The Loch itself is very calm, with sheep grazing on the banks and birds chirping in the background. Once we’d figured out what to do with our paddles, it was actually very therapeutic. We paddled along the Loch for around 30 mins before stopping at an island for a picnic, then paddled back.


We used Canadian Canoes which take 2-3 people per boat but there is also the option of kayaking which looked like a fun alternative (although possibly not for the tourist couple who had to slalom around 15 girls, 5 minutes in, paddling frantically round in circles… #sorrynotsorry).

After disembarking from our canoeing adventure, it was time to check out our accommodation.

At Loch Tay Lodges you are spoilt for choice with what type of ‘non-tent’ camping you want to take part in. Glamping Domes, Wigwams, Premium Wigwams or a Bunkhouse are your options with an amenities block for all your washing and loo needs. The hard core girls who stayed Friday and Saturday night stayed in the bunkhouse: a converted stables with bedroom containing 6 bunk beds and an open plan living room/kitchen area. Oh, and an outdoor hot tub.

Hot tub

Gemma and I stayed in a ‘Glamping Dome’ which included two single beds, bean bags, a log burning stove and an impressive view.

External fire pits outside all of the accommodation offered a true glamping experience.


The restaurant at the bottom of the village boasts spectacular views of the marina and the surrounding mountains, presenting an excellent photo opportunity when the  evening rain went off and mist started coming down the hills.

The rest of the evening was spent up at the Bunkhouse, making use of the hot tub and doing, well, y’know… hen-do type things… 😉

There is plenty more on offer for a return visit, however. Aside from Canadian canoeing there’s: rib boat trips, fishing, disc golf, a putting green, archery, kayaking, sailing, cycling, quad biking, white water rafting and clay shooting.

Once you’re all out of adrenaline you can get the pit-fire lit, toast some marshmallows, curl up in your comfy bed and pack up the next day without a bent tent peg in sight – perfect.

For more information on Loch Tay Lodges, visit

Amy and Gemma

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