For the Love of Bikes…and Brunch

One of my favourite places in the Highland Capital is Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop. So I suggest you grab your thick rimmed glasses, pack your MacBook and pedal over to get yourself a hummus superfood salad with a flat white. Then, when you’re finished, learn how to tweak your vintage city bike so you’ll be cruising like a pro. A pro hipster that is.

Velocity is a social enterprise which encourages folk to cycle for health, happiness and wellbeing. Pair this with their locally sourced, healthy food and well made coffee. What more could you ask for?

My latest jaunt over to Velocity was on a Saturday morning (obviously I cycled over). The staff were friendly, salad on point, and coffee delicious. This is more than just a place to go for brunch though. They have regular events on every week and it really is worthwhile checking out their calendar and following them on Facebook/Instagram. Having only ever gone during the day, I have since discovered that they are open until 9pm on Thursday evenings, hosting live music, craft events and open mic poetry.

Coffee 2

Women’s bike workshops are held on a monthly basis and ‘cycle to health’ schemes run during the week for those wanting an informal but enjoyable activity to take part in. Second hand bike sales pop up on a regular basis and you can even rent your own bike to see how you like it first.

So this is more than a hipster hang out. It’s a friendly, welcoming place to go and with so much going on, you’ll soon be back for more.

For more information check out their website, follow @velocityinverness on Instagram or have a look on Facebook.


One thought on “For the Love of Bikes…and Brunch

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