It Takes Two to Tango

If you’re looking for a strong coffee with an Argentinian twist, there’s no better place in Inverness than the Little Bird Coffee House’s regular Cafe Tango events. I stumbled upon this quirky weekend activity on social media a couple of weeks ago and went along to give it a try.

Little Bird Coffee House is situated inside the Ironworks music venue on Academy Street. A local, independent business which opened in 2015, it prides itself on thoughtfully sourced, expertly made coffee. I’m no coffee snob but if you want to chat the difference between your Kenyan and Ethiopian blends then is the place for you.

Little Bird Coffee

When we arrived, the Tango dancers were setting up so we sipped our cappuccinos (which I can confirm were delicious) while listening to the intense sounds of Argentinian music, then watched the experts show off their skills on the dance floor.


When we finally summoned up our courage to get involved, we found that the people were friendly and welcoming. They run this event every couple of months to socialise and encourage others to join their Thursday-night dance classes.

Ross and I were quickly split up with new partners and were soon ‘tango-ing’ along the floor trying desperately not to step on toes and awkwardly working out what the eye contact situation was.

The woman is very much led by the man (a challenge, being used to flying round the dance floor at a ceilidh), so this was no ‘Strip the Willow’. After a few minutes of extreme concentration, you learn that the less you think about what you’re feet are doing, the more success you’ll have. There are no set steps to the music and so every couple you watch is doing something different.

It was a quirky and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon – we learned the absolute basics and chatted to new people for a couple of hours over coffee – what’s not to like?

While I may not be moving to Buenos Aries any time soon to become a full time dancer, I did discover an excellent new hangout and will keep my eye out for any further events held here – including more Tango.

The Little Bird Coffee House keeps slightly eccentric opening times so are best found on Instagram (@littlebirdcoffeehouse) and Facebook for what is on offer each day – including upcoming events.

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