Five Reasons I Love The West Wing and The West Wing Weekly

It’s been a few months since my last (and first) podcast post. This is largely because I have developed a full blown obsession with The West Wing. Both the show and the now-accompanying podcast – The West Wing Weekly – are so darn good that I’ve watched and listened to barely anything else since receiving the recommendation back in June.

There are various reasons for this, which I shall list in a clickbait style telladonna fashion: Five Reasons I Love The West Wing and The West Wing Weekly. She’s not catchy, but she’ll do.


1. The West Wing is hilarious. Now, I will be the first to admit than on my first round of watching it (sans podcast) back in 2012-ish, I didn’t get it. They spoke too fast, walked too much and I couldn’t work out who did what. I was sorely, sorely mistaken. The characters are sublime, the writing is genius and the comedy is gold.

2. President Bartlet is a WONDERFUL president. Yes, he has his flaws (like any good character), but his intentions, actions and agenda are all for the honest-to-goodness greater-good. ‘He Who Tweets Too Much’ could really learn a thing or two.

3. The West Wing Weekly podcast is equally hilarious. Joshua Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway have a brilliant double-act relationship with one common denominator: their passion for The West Wing. They insult each other, they laugh with (and at) each other, and they bounce off one another with witty comebacks and in-jokes (TIFL).

4. The West Wing Weekly guests are top notch. Not only do they have the stars of the show guest speaking on the podcast and giving further insight into the episode they are discussing, but they also have guests like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau involved.

5. Watching an episode of The West Wing in the evening, followed by listening to the corresponding episode of the podcast the next day, will give you an all-consuming, wonderful addiction, which will have you quoting the show in no time and referencing the in-jokes at any given opportunity, even if no-one has a clue what you’re on about…

Ok? Ok. What’s next?



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