Podcast Update #01

‘T’is the season to… be sociable but also allow enough time for days in which you can re-charge your batteries and take on the New Year refreshed rather than resembling a burst balloon’.

So if you’re having one of those days between Christmas and New Year when a time vacuum descends and you have no idea who you are or what time it is; here are some podcast recommendations to keep you going. 

1. Happy Place by Fearn Cotton

A lovely, calming podcast with top guests from Dawn French to Kirsty Young, telling their stories with candid honesty. There is a focus on mental health and Fearn has a natural and conversational interview style, which puts the guest and listener at ease. An excellent episode is Series Two, Episode Three with Russel Brand. 

2. You’re Booked by Daisy Buchanan

This is a new podcast just released in November 2018. The host visits authors homes to have a snoop around their book shelves and discuss what has influenced them, what’s buried at the back of their top shelf, their reading habits and old favourites. If you’re a nosey sod like me, this is a good one. Favourite episode so far is of course Episode One with Dolly Alderton. 

3. Table Manners by Jessie Ware

One for the foodies (which I am definitely not), but what makes this podcast great is the mother-daughter hosting relationship.  Singer/Songwriter Jessie Ware and her mother Lennie invite guests round for dinner. It’s like being a fly on the wall at a small, intimate dinner party and getting to lug in to every single word.  I have a backlog of these to get through but so far Series 1 Episode 4 with Annie Mac has been a particularly good’un.

4. My Life in Books

Another book lovers podcast. This one is also new on the scene, released in October 2018. Almost a literary Desert Island Discs, authors chat to the Telegraph’s Laura Powell about four of the books they love the most and why. Marian Keyes in Episode Two and Ruth Jones in Episode Five are both a joy. 

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